Notification & Reminders

Effortlessly handle your bookings with comprehensive status notifications and proactive reminders designed to enhance your service efficiency. Our platform ensures smooth communication by sending automated push notifications to customers when an appointment is made, rescheduled, or canceled. These notifications act as confirmations, recognizing customer requests and keeping your specialists well-informed about upcoming appointments.

Stay on top of your schedule with preset reminders that activate at specified intervals before an appointment, ensuring both your clients and staff are well-prepared for upcoming services. These reminders serve as proactive prompts, assisting in efficient time management and providing sufficient preparation to deliver exceptional service.

Furthermore, post-service completion, prompt customers for their valuable feedback through review requests. If a customer provides a review, our platform promptly notifies you, allowing you to stay informed about customer sentiments and service experiences.

Utilize these advanced notification features to maintain seamless communication throughout the booking process, ensuring a smooth service delivery experience. By leveraging automated reminders and notifications, streamline your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster stronger customer relationships.

Notification & Reminders

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